Paris: Where’s My Luggage?

Wow I don’t even know where to begin.

Well I did mention on the video to come here for a funny story so let’s start with that! It’s actually really not that funny but this was the only mishap we ran into regarding this trip. Me and Tiffany were luggage-less for the first and second day that we were in Paris! It’s funny because we had previously discussed how we would freak out if this ended up happening to us. Our luggage didn’t make it on the right flight to New York (since this is where the whole group met first) and then it took forever until they made sure it got on a flight to Paris. No one really is to blame here but it was just unfortunate because it was a hassle to try to sort things out multiple times with the staff at the airport to ensure that our luggage would eventually get to us. We both stayed positive and were happy to know that at least our luggage wasn’t lost.

What was my first thought when we realized that we would have to make do the first couple of days? UNDERWEAR

I can live with wearing my clothes twice but wearing the same pair of undies twice..uhh yea i’d rather go commando!

We made a one stop shop at H&M (I seriously love H&M) and I ended up getting 2 whole new outfits, one for our cruise dinner (dress and shoes) that night and one for the next day (top and skirt).

Luckily our luggage did finally arrive at our hotel the second night we were in Paris :)

More pictures coming up soon! In the meantime check out this video that I finally uploaded!


Tonight I went to go see “Wicked”, the broadway musical, for the first time! I’ve heard so many great things about this show and it did not disappoint! My boyfriend got us pretty good seats because we both appreciate all of the little details down to the emotion in the performers’ faces, the subtle movements and body language, and the conductor passionately directing the orchestra. You want to let it all sink in and pretty much get lost in it. :)


Hair and There

Hi everyone! As some of you may already know, I colored my hair for the first time a week ago. A lot of the red (which was supposed to be more of a plum red) has inevitably been fading. I don’t mind the shade but I see a little brassiness here and there that I could definitely do without. I’ve also been wearing my hair wavy lately with most of the back pieces clipped up for a change. It is reminiscent of the angled a-line bob that I used to have and did love! :) I’ve always envied those with dimension and color in their hair because when styled you could really see the texture and movement of the hair.

My trip to California was a great getaway and I just recently got back. Can you guess which beach i’m at in the picture? Stay tuned for more pictures and a video from my trip!


Wining and Dining for our 9 Months

I found out from a friend about a discounted deal for a dinner for two so I decided to make reservations for our 9 monthary :) It was at a restaurant in the Ritz Carlton hotel. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking but one thing I have to note is if you ever use discounted coupons for any kind of service, please do tip according to the regular amount and NOT the discounted amount! 😉

Pictures were all taken by the boyfriend!


Feelings of Positivity and Updates

Hey guys I feel like i’ve neglected you all for a little bit but not intentionally of course! I have been trying so hard to finish going through all of the LOL giveaway entries (and believe me I have spent countless hours doing so) but I underestimated how long it would take me >_< Please trust that I hate to keep you all hanging for too long! My good good friend that I see maybe twice a year also visited from out of town this weekend so of course I wanted to make sure he enjoyed his time here :)

Here’s a little random post I started writing a couple nights ago that has been saved as a draft. You will notice that I just write in the way that I would speak so excuse any bad grammar and punctuation. Actually feel free to even correct me on it! It never bothers me :)

I truly believe that once you begin to just see the good in people, learn to be happy and supportive of others, you will lead a much happier life yourself. Hate is for those who are bitter because they have too much negativity inside themselves. Or perhaps they just haven’t found that happiness for themselves yet. I have more respect for those who don’t bother or waste time being negative all the time. People always say the grass is greener on the other side and it couldn’t be more true. You may think everyone else has it better than you but this is the perception you choose to have. Instead of sitting around and wishing things were better, why not take the time to do something for yourself? You deserve to be happy too :)

Don’t get me wrong, we all have our bouts of sadness and negativity. We’re human after all. Most people are fighting to accomplish something or find their place and value in this world.

I like for my life to be full of positivity, love, and no drama 😀 Remember that if you value your self worth enough, then there is no need to let others bring it down. Humility + Confidence = SEXY in my opinion. By the way humility is in no way related to humiliation, but rather the quality of being humble and modest. Not saying that you guys are dummies and i’m sure most of you already knew but I once was confused by this word back then! >< lol

Do what makes you happy and never lose hope. Happiness and smiles are contagious so start spreading it!

Spread your wings and fly…or in my case my chicken arms 😛