Editorial Camera Ready Makeup

As a makeup artist I must say my DSLR camera is one of the best investments I have made. Asides from the fact that it produces beautiful HD footage, it is the best preview tool when it comes to perfecting a look. It picks up more than the naked eye usually sees and with this profession attention to detail is so important! I’ve talked about my camera in a vlog before but if you didn’t catch it I am currently using a Canon Rebel T2i. It’s my starter DSLR and I will advance to another one when I feel it is time 😀

I’ve had a growing admiration and appreciation for photography ever since I started doing makeup for photo shoots. You would be surprised how much effort goes into producing a beautiful image.

I was looking at some different make up looks that appeared on the runway because I draw inspiration from anything and everything. I came upon an image of Sun Fei Fei that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. She was sporting a graphic liner look on the runway and I loved how striking yet simple it was. She has one of those gorgeous faces that you could do so much with to manipulate her look.

I further looked her up and came upon the cover of the Vogue China March 2011 edition. It sparked up a whole lot of creative energy in me and lead me to do everything in my power to recreate it!

I wanted to challenge myself and this was truly a challenge! Imagine being your own model, makeup artist, and photographer in one to try to replicate an image. Not to mention your own videographer who films tutorials and produces them to share with everyone 😉  I am not a photographer so learning how to use the DSLR was and still is quite difficult for me. Life would be much easier if I had my own personal photographer and videographer whenever I need one but I wouldn’t have learned as much as I have if I didn’t challenge myself :)


Tired of Shaving?

Some of you may suggest waxing. I haven’t tried waxing so I won’t knock it ’til I try it. However, for someone like myself who has a lot of hair that grows back rather quickly, frequent upkeep of hair removal is important. I’m not sure I could be bothered with taking the time to wax every few days.

So this brings me to…the Epilator

What is an epilator? It is an electric hair removal device consisting of multiple spinning tweezers.

I spoke of my first experience using an epilator here:

It has been 2 months since and I mentioned I would do a follow up and a more in-depth review of the Emjoi Soft Caress Rechargeable Epilator so here we are!

This epilator has 36 tweezers and can be used corded or cordless. It also comes with a pouch and a few other items which are showcased in the video below.

One thing that could be improved is how there is no indication of when the epilator is fully charged. You plug it in and the red light comes on but never turns off or changes a different color.

On the Emjoi website it retails for $69.99. I bought mine off of for $55 and i’m sure you could even find a better deal if you just shop around. I haven’t seen this particular epilator in stores.

Here are answers to frequently asked questions according to my own personal experiences:

1. Where can you use the epilator?

You can use it on your legs, arms, bikini line, underarms, chin and upper lip. I only use mine on my underarms and upper lip. I find it too time consuming to use on the legs but that’s just me :)

2. Does it still hurt?

As far as the underarm goes it hurts nowhere near as much as the first time I used it. The longer I wait in between epilating and the more hair there is it will hurt a little more. It may still feel “pinchy” but my underarms don’t feel sore afterwards. It definitely hurts less now!

The pain level for my upper lip remains about the same. I use the lower setting, level 1 for finer hair, and it may hurt more simply because the hair is getting pulled out slower at this level.

3. Does it cause ingrown hair?

If anything it helped diminish the ingrown hair I had from shaving my underarms! It is recommended that you exfoliate to prevent ingrown hair. I exfoliate using my shower loofa.

4. How often do you epilate?

Some people go weeks without having to epilate again. Since not all hair grows out at once and since I have so much hair that grows back quickly, I like to epilate my underarms about twice a week and my upper lip about once a week.

5. Don’t you have to wait for the hair to grow out long enough before epilating again?

Yes and no. Hair does not all grow out at once. I can epilate my underarms one day and still find new hair growth that I can easily epilate the next day.

6. Does it make the hair grow back thicker and darker?

No because it is pulling hair out from the root.

7. Does it pinch the skin?

It CAN and HAS happened to me! It is very important that you pull the skin taut (tight) before epilating!

8. How come I can’t grab some hair no matter how many times I swipe over it?

Please watch the demo and review video below :)

What are the benefits of epilating?

You are plucking hair out from the root, similar to waxing, so the hair doesn’t grow back as quickly. You don’t have to deal with razor burns or wait to shower to shave. Since it is rechargeable, you can easily take it with you on the go and epilate whenever at your own convenience. You save from buying less to no shaving cream/wax 😀

Overall, I feel much MUCH less self-conscious about my underarms now. I love my epilator and will never go back to shaving my underarms! If you are sick of having that dark hair under the skin look even after you’ve shaved–consider epilating!


I have officially become a Gleek and I know i’m late but now I get to look forward to the next season! I started watching season 2 first and fell in love. I am now finishing up season 1! Things are making more sense now that i’m catching up on the first season haha

I have been enjoying this show so much that I felt inspired to do some kind of Glee themed video. As far as makeup goes, I think we can all agree that Tina Cohen-Chang’s makeup look varies the most from episode to episode. I especially love it when she wears really bright bold colors on her lids! Who said those with monolids can’t rock the bright colors? I completely disagree.

In some episodes I saw her with a really bright pink eye shadow look that really caught my eye!  So I present to you..

a promo ad of my next tutorial! lol I decided to do this look on my younger sister for a couple different reasons that you will find out in the upcoming video :)

After the video shoot in which I did her makeup, we then had a mini photo shoot to create the promo ad above. I took the picture with the Canon T2i that i’ve been using to film some of my videos and the true photographer from did all of the editing.

We were trying to recreate a similar image to this poster:

not too shabby huh? :)

Stay tuned for the upcoming tutorial!

Update: The video is up! Check it out :)

and p.s. also 2 upcoming giveaways that will most likely be hosted on this blog! (Here’s an early heads up for you) 😉