More of Paris

Hi everyone! How has your weekend been so far? I’ve been meaning to post up the rest of these pictures for a while now. I spent time editing them (color correcting and brightening mostly) to try to do Paris more justice :) Feel free to click on them to see an enlarged image!

And of course check out the video for more footage if you haven’t yet!

My Paris Trip!

The Louvre

When we arrived at the Louvre Museum I was truly in awe of how beautiful it was outside. I literally could have stayed out there for hours shooting away. Of course as well all know there are so many hidden gems once you enter the museum by going down that spiral staircase in the pyramid!

The ladies!


Paris: Where’s My Luggage?

Wow I don’t even know where to begin.

Well I did mention on the video to come here for a funny story so let’s start with that! It’s actually really not that funny but this was the only mishap we ran into regarding this trip. Me and Tiffany were luggage-less for the first and second day that we were in Paris! It’s funny because we had previously discussed how we would freak out if this ended up happening to us. Our luggage didn’t make it on the right flight to New York (since this is where the whole group met first) and then it took forever until they made sure it got on a flight to Paris. No one really is to blame here but it was just unfortunate because it was a hassle to try to sort things out multiple times with the staff at the airport to ensure that our luggage would eventually get to us. We both stayed positive and were happy to know that at least our luggage wasn’t lost.

What was my first thought when we realized that we would have to make do the first couple of days? UNDERWEAR

I can live with wearing my clothes twice but wearing the same pair of undies twice..uhh yea i’d rather go commando!

We made a one stop shop at H&M (I seriously love H&M) and I ended up getting 2 whole new outfits, one for our cruise dinner (dress and shoes) that night and one for the next day (top and skirt).

Luckily our luggage did finally arrive at our hotel the second night we were in Paris :)

More pictures coming up soon! In the meantime check out this video that I finally uploaded!