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Finding joy in the now

Photos by Matthew Wong

You’ll forgive me for that cheesy photo of me flexing up there, right? 

For the past couple of months Matt and I have made an effort to go on (almost) daily walks. So much yes for soaking in some of that sweet vitamin D from the sun and for getting more steps in. 

And I have been really fortunate to still be able to work from home with no problems.

Now that we’re spending so many hours at home, planning to do something outside of the usual has been a welcomed change. I also anticipate what we’ll do on the weekends.

Each weekend has been a little different. We really enjoy exploring different environments to stroll around in. We’ve checked out parks around the city and have taken different routes near where we live. 

Before stepping out to go on another one of our walks, I eyed this black H&M dress that has been sitting in my closet. There was still a $7.99 sale tag attached to it. It’s not every day that you’ll find me in a dress. Especially not as of late. I removed the tag, slipped on the dress and did my hair and makeup differently. I almost forgot how transformative styling yourself can be for your mood.

Considering the many times we’ve walked around our neighborhood, we were surprised to happen upon a hidden stairwell tucked away at the end of a parking lot. It descended down into a huge open field with soccer goal nets and large wooden logs for sitting. We were in awe of how vast the open and empty space was. And the beautiful greenery that surrounded us? So entrancing.

I pranced around without a care and I felt a lightness within me. Is there a better feeling than getting lost in the moment?

As I reflect back now, these feelings of positivity have transcended beyond that moment in time. I’ve seen it show up in little ways throughout the week. It has made a difference in how I approach a new day. How I interact with others feels extra harmonious.

If an opportunity to seize the day presents itself, even if in the littlest of ways, I hope that you’ll take it! Continue continuing on. Your best self is waiting to show up. 🙂



  • Angela

    It’s so wonderful to enjoy the little things that can bring us so much joy. Your photo is not cheesy at all! Where do you live that you’re able to enjoy so much greenery? 😍

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